Wisconsin Expungement

Public Records in the united states

Alabama public records

Alabama charges a fee for accessing their court records.

Alaska public records

To access court records, visit Court Records, Alaska, Government website at: https://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/

california public records

California is currently accepting comments on the proposed change to the open records laws at: https://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/invitationstocomment/

georgia public records

For Georgia State Code regarding public records, please view: Georgia Public Records.

iowa public records

To access court rcords in Iowa, visit: https://www.iowacourts.state.ia.us/ESAWebApp/DefaultFrame

Maryland public records

Maryland public records searches may be conducted at Maryland Case Search.

michigan public records

For information about Michigan open records laws, how to search Michigan criminal history records, locate those records, set those records aside or obtain Expungement of criminal history records, visit Michigan.Gov.

missouri public records

To access Missouri public records, visit Missouri Public Records.

rhode island public records

Adult criminal information database for Rhode Island cases available at Rhode Island Case Search.

Texas open records

Open records policy and procedures for Texas is available at Texas Courts Online.


Washington's open records rules and accessibility is available at Access to Court Records.


Wisconsin public records are available on CCAP, Wisconsin's public access to Wisconsin Circuit Courts. See also: Policy on Disclosure of Public Information Over the Internet

Wyoming public records

Wyoming public records rules are available at Wyoming court cases.

Other Resources

The Wisconsin Governmental websites provide numerous links to information on the web, ranging from Courts and CCAP to

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