Wisconsin Expungement

Wisconsin Public and Open records laws

Wisconsin law provides an open records policy, which allows a system called CCAP (pronounced see-kap) to be made publicly available for anyone to look up information about another person, including potential employees, potential dates, babysitters, neighbors, etc.

background checks

Potential employers can (and do) conduct background checks on potential employees. During the background check, a person's public records on CCAP may be viewed. Some companies hire outside agencies to conduct pre-employment investigations, which will reveal criminal convictions, and other public records such as divorce, garnishment.

Records evidencing arrests and adjudiction of criminal cases are available on CCAP for all counties in Wisconsin with the exception of Portage County, which does not participate in the voluntary CCAP program.

removing personal information from online records

In Wisconsin, can you have personal information removed from the Circuit Court's website?

Perhaps. Wisconsin law provides that a person can petition the court of original jurisdiction (where the case was originally filed) to have their personal information removed from CCAP in a non-criminal case for safety reasons if it can be demonstrated that a potential exists for physical or bodily harm or a threat of harm to you, a family member, or a member of the household at that address.

To petition the court to remove online address information, you must submit a Petition, Affidavit and Order Concerning Remove of Address Information from Online Records (Form GF-183) for each case using the address. Petitions to remove an address under this rule must be submitted to the clerk of circuit courts in the county in which the case was originally filed.

After submitting your petition for removal of online address information has been submitted, a judge will review it, and determine whether to grant your petition. If your petition is granted, the address information on CCAP WCCA will be removed.

Note: a petition to remove online address information will not remove the address from the paper file, which can be viewed by the public and information given from it to the public.

To petition the court to seal your pape record to prevent dissemination of your address information to the public, a separate motion must be filed with same court.

wisconsin Criminal & open Records

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