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Attorney Mike Rudolph's stellar trial record and many dismissals have earned him a reputation as being The Fox River Valley's Best Criminal Defense Lawyer.

  • Appleton Post Crescent named Attorney Mike Rudolph one of the five best lawyers in the Fox River Valley in 1983
  • Attorney Mike Rudolph has twice been selected as the Best Criminal Defense Attorney, Best Drug Defense Attorneys, and Best Drunk Driving Lawyer by his peers in a 1996 Fox Cities Magazine competition, and
  • Best Drug Defense Attorney and Best Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer in 2002
  • Attorney Mike Rudolph has repeatedly received the Super Lawyers award by Law & Politics
  • Attorney Rudolph won the Martin Hanson's Advocate's Prize in 1997 for a successful defense in a best replica watches very difficult homicide case.

If you are seeking to hire an attorney to defend you in a criminal case or a drunken driving case, please call Attorney Rudolph right away at (920) 730-8533.

Attorney Mike Rudolph doesn't handle Expungement cases; he is the lawyer you contact before you go to court to defend you against a DUI OWI.

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What Is An Expungement?

Past criminal record stopping you?

When your past criminal record is affecting your life and preventing you from achieving your goals, it is time to take action - it is time to seek an Expungement.

Mandatory Expungements

Mandatory Expungements?

Yes, under Wisconsin law, some Expungements are mandatory, but these conditions MUST be met during sentencing...

Expunge an OWI DUI

Can an OWI DUI be Expunged?

Got an OWI? You will want to talk with a DUI defense attorney. Already convicted of drunk driving? Wondering about Expungement of a DUI conviction?

Expungement Attorney

Do I need an Expungement lawyer?

In some cases, Expungement Attorneys, Criminal Defense Lawyers or OWI DUI Attorneys are needed, while in other cases, an appellate attorney is needed to reopen the case or pursue an appeal of a prior criminal conviction.


Employers see convictions?

Can a potential employer see your criminal record? What about your fellow workers? Who can read your criminal file?

Juvenile criminal records expunged

Juvenile records sealed?

Are juvenile criminal records automatically sealed when the juvenile turns 18? Does that Expunge them? What if the case is tried in adult court rather than juvenile court?

What Is An Expungement?

Closed? Sealed? Erased? Expunged?

What is erased? See If Expunged. Erasing a criminal record, called 'Expungement' or 'Expunction' results in removing information from public view, such as on CCAP, also called sealing a criminal record. See also Expungement process.

Charges Dismissed

Charges Dismissed!

Expungement or Dismissal? When can you get the charges dismissed?


Wisconsin Law Books DUI Defense, 8th Edition

Employment, Jobs & Careers

Wisconsin Job Resources


Wisconsin Expungement Petition

Open Records Laws

Wisconsin Open Records     U.S. Open Records    Criminal Records

Wisconsin Expungement

A few moments of bad choices can result in a lifetime of bad outcomes when a minor mistake results in a permanent devastating mark on a person's public record. That mark, as you are probably more than aware, can prevent you from obtaining a certain job, getting a loan, or getting or even keeping your security clearance. Wisconsin criminal records are open to the public. When that past criminal record is affecting your life and preventing you from achieving your goals, it is time to take action - it is time to seek an Expungement.

Wisconsin Municipal Courts

Wisconsin Municipal Courts typically hear cases involving first-offense OWI DUI, traffic, parking, ordinance violations, juvenile matters, underage drinking, and curfew violations.

Municipal Courts ?

Circuit Courts & CCAP

Wisconsin Circuit Courts are trial courts divided into branches. Most counties have one branch, some share judges. Most criminal cases, 2nd and more serious drunken driving cases and civil suits are heard in Circuit Courts. CCAP is the public access to criminal, civil and other Court records.

Circuit Courts ?

Wisconsin Appellate Courts

Wisconsin Courts of Appeals are intermediate Courts to which cases are appealed. Criminal cases can be appealed by the Defendant or the District Attorney's office. The Appellate Courts are located in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha and Wausau.

Appellate Courts ?

Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the highest Court in the state. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over appeals from lower Courts and other matters, as well as regulating and adminstrating the practice of law in Wisconsin.

Supreme Court ?

Adult Courts

Adults and some minors' cases are heard in adult courts in the State of Wisconsin.

Adult Courts ?

Juvenile Courts

Juveniles who are tried for criminal offenses have their cases heard in Juvenile Court unless they are waived into adult court.

Juvenile Courts ?