Texas Expungement

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Expunction of criminal history record

If a person is eligible for an Expunction under Texas law, they have a right to represent themselves in the Exungement issue, but it is wise to remember that Expunction is not a right. For that reason alone, it is the wiser person who hires an attorney to represent them.

State of Texas can oppose petition for expunction

Even if a person is eligible for an Expungement, there are no assurities that a court will grant it. In fact, the State of Texas may oppose the request for an Expungement.

Nondisclosure of criminal record

In cases in which a person received a deferrment, it may be possible for them to apply for nondisclosure of the criminal record after successful completion of the sentence.

sealing juvenile records

If a person is eligible for application to have prior juvenile criminal records sealed, the request must be made in the court of original jurisdiction.

more information

For more information, please contact an attorney listed on this page or search for Texas Expungement Attorney online. The attorneys available at the telephone number above do not handle Expungement in Texas.

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